Tips for a good cycling practice

Cycling is a pleasant and healthy way to travel and have great experiences with the environment. No matter how old you are, if you’re athletic or sedentary. The following points will give you the keys to improve your performance and the safety and comfort when you go biking:

  •  Choose a bike that fits your body: To find the right size you have to take into account the length of your legs, not your height.
  • Choose the right saddle: The most important thing is that the saddle dimensions and shapes fit your anatomy. The bike should adapt to your body, not your body to the bike.
  • Use the helmet: Right but comfortable and never slide up and down. And above all, use an approved helmet! Something to keep in mind is that if your helmet suffers a dent, it is important to change it, because the next time will not act in the same way and you will be less protected.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Use quality technical fabrics. A good breathability increases physical performance.
  • Use reflective when there is little light: essential security measure! Brightly colored clothes and reflective tape on the helmet and bike so others can see you. It is so important to see as to be seen.
  • Soft Start: If you’re not fit, it is best to start slowly, 30 to 60 minutes per session from 2 to 4 times a week. Once you pick the routine you can gradually increase the intensity. Be part of a group can keep you motivated.
  • Change your position: Move your hand and body position frequently. Keep your arms relaxed and do not block your elbows.

Pedals Barcelona have special routes designed for all types of cyclists, according to the physical condition, the number of days available and the technical level.

All our itineraries are designed to guarantee you the best cycling experience! Contact us and ask for all the information you need.