Your virtual guide.

Voice-guided biking navigation

Because it’s difficult to focus on the small screen of a GPS device when deciding to turn left or right at the end of a rocky slope. MooveGuide’s voice guided navigation will let you know what to expect in advance and warn you of any risks on the road ahead.

Different types of alerts

Just like a professional guide, MooveGuide shows you the way to go, helps you to manage your energy and pace yourself and gives you interesting historical and anecdotal information about places along your route. You can choose the kind of information you want (guide, coaching, tourist, hospitality…) . Moove Bike is sure to be your best cycling companion.

Alternate routes on the fly

Our bike routes have alternate paths you may choose to follow depending on your mood, level of fatigue or the weather. You can decide to stick to the standard route or take the alternative path while you’re on the go. Moove Bike will show you your different options, describing the alternate’s paths degree of difficulty, distance and andy other details you will need to know.

All the classic GPS features

During your ride MooveGuide will record your journey, providing data on your distance, altitude, speed and other related information. These statistics and your bike tour information will then be available to you online so that you can access it whenever you want.

Bring your family and friends along

By sending a link to your family and friends, they can follow you on your adventure. They will able to see where you are and share your location on social networks. They will even be able to send you messages that you will hear as voice alerts.

Direct interaction with organizers

The organization monitors the bike tours so that it can help in any situation where you may need assistance. You will never feel as if you are all alone. MooveGuide can transmit information to all riders and teams can send messages to each other.