Pedal and enjoy with MooveGuide

Cycling, enjoying the environment, the climate and to pay attention to your GPS to see if turning right or left… To do all at the same time is difficult. With MooveGuide you can do more than that.

Pedals Barcelona routes are guided with MooveGuide: a voice navigation system that lets you know in advance the path, suggests you how to manage your energy and even explains you the history and curiosities of the places you pass through. It is much more than a GPS, ¿do you know what that this app can offer you?

  • Voice navigation system
  • Different types of alerts
  • Alternate routes on the fly
  • All the classic GPS features
  • Allow your family and friends follow your route
  • Direct interaction with organizers

” What I like the most about Moove Guide, is that I feel sure where I’m going without thinking that I’m going to get lost, so this makes me enjoy every pedal I do.” (Marc)

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